Term Dates & Venues

Summer 2019 (Part 2 & holidays)

Wednesday05/06/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday09/06/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday12/06/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday16/06/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday19/06/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday23/06/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday26/06/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday30/06/2019NoCancelled – sorry
Wednesday03/07/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday07/07/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday10/07/2019NoParents’ evening
Sunday14/07/2019TBCWoodbury not available
Wednesday17/07/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday21/07/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday24/07/2019NoProbably away – will confirm
Sunday28/07/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday31/07/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday04/08/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday07/08/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday11/08/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday14/08/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday18/08/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday21/08/2019NoProbably away – will confirm
Sunday25/08/2019NoTraining in Brittany
Wednesday28/08/2019YesI think – will confirm
Sunday01/09/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall

Summer 2019 (Part 1)

Wednesday24/04/2019NoSchool exams
Sunday28/04/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday01/05/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday05/05/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday08/05/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday12/05/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday15/05/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday19/05/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday22/05/2019NoCancelled. Sorry.
Sunday26/05/2019NoSpring Course, Portland
Wednesday29/05/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Otterton Village Hall

Spring 2019 (Part 2)

Wednesday27/02/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday03/03/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday06/03/2019NoSchool trip – sorry!
Sunday10/03/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday13/03/2019NoSchool trip – sorry!
Sunday17/03/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday20/03/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday24/03/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Sunday31/03/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday03/04/2019NoSorry, a school event has been moved
Sunday07/04/2019YesWoodbury not available. Venue tbc
Wednesday10/04/2019YesOtterton Village Hall – RS LATE (8.30pm)
Sunday14/04/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday17/04/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday21/04/2019YesWoodbury VH – if wanted (Easter)

Spring 2019 (Part 1)

Sunday06/01/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday09/01/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday13/01/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday16/01/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday20/01/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday23/01/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday27/01/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday30/01/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday03/02/2019tbcWoodbury not available
Wednesday06/02/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday10/02/2019NOShikukai Winter Course
Wednesday13/02/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday17/02/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday20/02/2019YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday24/02/2019YesWoodbury Village Hall

Autumn Term 2018 (Parts 1 and 2)

Sunday 02/09/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 05/09/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 09/09/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 12/09/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 16/09/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 19/09/2018 Cancelled due to work commitments – sorry
Sunday 23/09/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 26/09/2018 Cancelled due to sickness – sorry
Sunday 30/09/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 03/10/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 07/10/2018 No Autumn Course (RS away)
Wednesday 10/10/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 14/10/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 17/10/2018 Cancelled due to double booking – sorry
Sunday 21/10/2018 Cancelled due to lack of hall availability – sorry
Wednesday 24/10/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 28/10/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 31/10/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 04/11/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Wednesday 07/11/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 11/11/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 14/11/2018 No Work Commitments
Sunday 18/11/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 21/11/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 25/11/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 28/11/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Saturday 01/12/2018 Shikukai Christmas Training
Sunday 02/12/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 05/12/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 09/12/2018 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 12/12/2018 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 16/12/2018 Cancelled – sorry
Wednesday 19/12/2018 No School Carol Concert
Sunday 23/12/2018 No Holidays
Wednesday 26/12/2018 No Holidays
Sunday 30/12/2018 No Holidays

Summer Term 2018 (Part 2 including Holidays)

Wednesday06/06/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday10/06/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday13/06/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday17/06/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday20/06/2018NoNo training
Sunday24/06/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday27/06/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday01/07/2018NoKata Course and Competition
Wednesday04/07/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday08/07/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday11/07/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday15/07/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday18/07/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday22/07/2018NoWeekend away
Wednesday25/07/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday29/07/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday01/08/2018NoOtterton Village Hall
Sunday05/08/2018NoFamily birthday
Wednesday08/08/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday12/08/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday15/08/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday26/08/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday29/08/2018YesOtterton Village Hall

Summer Term 2018 (Part 1)

Wednesday18/04/2018NoGCSE Exam
Sunday22/04/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday25/04/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday29/04/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday02/05/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday06/05/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday09/05/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday13/05/2018CancelledNo venue – need to work
Wednesday16/05/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday20/05/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday23/05/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday27/05/2018NoShikukai Spring Course, Portland
Wednesday30/05/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday03/06/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall

Spring Term 2018 (Part 2)

Wednesday21/02/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday25/02/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday28/02/2018NoParents’ Evening
Sunday04/03/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday07/03/2018Cancelled!Sorry- exams took too long.
Sunday11/03/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Sunday18/03/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday21/03/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday25/03/2018COURSESteve & Pam Rawson Senseis – times and fees tbc
Wednesday28/03/2018NoExam rehearsal and concert at school
Sunday01/04/2018NoEaster Day – unless you all tell me you want to train!
Wednesday04/04/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday08/04/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday11/04/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday15/04/2018Cancelled!Halls not available – apologies.

Spring Term 2018 (Part 1)

Wednesday03/01/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday07/01/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday10/01/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday14/01/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday17/01/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday21/01/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday24/01/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday28/01/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday31/01/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday04/02/2018NoShikukai Winter Course, Danury, Essex
Wednesday07/02/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday11/02/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday14/02/2018YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday18/02/2018YesWoodbury Village Hall

Autumn Term 2017 (Part 2)

Wednesday01/11/2017NoSchool event
Sunday05/11/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday08/11/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday12/11/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Sunday19/11/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday22/11/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday26/11/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Sunday03/12/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday06/12/2017tbcParents’ Evening
Sunday10/12/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday13/12/2017NoSchool event
Sunday17/12/2017CancelledPoorly child
Wednesday20/12/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday24/12/2017NoChristmas Eve
Wednesday27/12/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Sunday31/12/2017YESWoodbury Village Hall

Autumn Term 2017 (Part 1)

Sunday 03/09/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 06/09/2017 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 10/09/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 13/09/2017 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 17/09/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 20/09/2017 No
Sunday 24/09/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 27/09/2017 No
Sunday 01/10/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 04/10/2017 No
Sunday 08/10/2017 No Autumn Course Chippenham
Wednesday 11/10/2017 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 15/10/2017 Yes Woodbury Village Hall
Wednesday 18/10/2017 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Sunday 22/10/2017 Yes Otterton Village Hall
Wednesday 25/10/2017 CANCELLED – sorry!
Sunday 29/10/2017 CANCELLED – venues not available

Summer Holidays 2017

Please make sure you check on the day in case I have made a last minute cancellation to go away!

Wednesday26/07/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday30/07/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday02/08/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday06/08/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday09/08/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Sunday13/08/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday16/08/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday20/08/2017NoCancelled – short break
Wednesday23/08/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday27/08/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday30/08/2017YesOtterton Village Hall

Summer Term 2017 (Part 2)

Wednesday07/06/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday11/06/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday14/06/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday18/06/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday21/06/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday25/06/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday28/06/2017NOCancelled – sorry!
Sunday02/07/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Wednesday12/07/2017NoSchool Production
Sunday16/07/2017NoCancelled – sorry.
Wednesday19/07/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday23/07/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall

Summer Term 2017 (Part 1)

Wednesday19/04/2017NoVicky’s birthday
Sunday23/04/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday26/04/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday30/04/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday03/05/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday07/05/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday10/05/2017NoSorry! Lewis’ birthday
Sunday14/05/2017NoCancelled. Venues not available – sorry.
Wednesday17/05/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday21/05/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday24/05/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday28/05/2017NoSpring Course with Sugasawa Sensei – see Shikukai Courses
Wednesday31/05/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday04/06/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall

Spring Term 2017 (Part 2)

Wednesday22/02/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday26/02/2017YesLED Leisure Centre Exmouth
Wednesday01/03/2017NoSchool Event
Sunday05/03/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday08/03/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday12/03/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Wednesday15/03/2017NOSorry! Cancelled due to son’s birthday
Sunday19/03/2017NOSorry! Cancelled due to shoulder surgery
Wednesday22/03/2017NOSorry! Cancelled due to shoulder surgery
Sunday26/03/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Wednesday29/03/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Sunday02/04/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Wednesday05/04/2017YESOtterton Village Hall
Sunday09/04/2017YesWoodbury Village Hall
Wednesday12/04/2017YesOtterton Village Hall
Sunday16/04/2017NOCancelled due to Easter plans. (Easter Day)